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November 30th, 2010

man on wire

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In Marianna’s summary of the new york times review of Man on Wire, she states that “Man on Wire┬áis constructed like a heist movie and is very unpredictable.” Immediately after hearing the word unpredictable I couldn’t help but think of Wilson and the idea of the Labyrinth.

As I viewed the movie Man on Wire, I noticed that Petit was a person who really enjoyed living on the edge, he definitely wasn’t someone who enjoyed staying within a comfort zone. As he said within the movie, “life should be lived on its edge”.

This idea that life should be an adventure and that we should be “doing something that’s supposed to be impossible”, made me think about Whitman and how different his feelings are. Whitman believed that the the ferry provided all generations a chance to be connected, it was an experience that was never changing, and that it could bring all people together. By never changing you will remain within this comfort zone of the expected. Petit definitely contrasted with this in that he lived for the adventure and got “such great pleasures from liberties”.

It’s interesting to notice the differences between different views on what’s beautiful. To Petit the unpredictable was just so beautiful to him. “The beauty of it was I didn’t have a why, I did something mysterious”. He also felt that the most beautiful death would be “to die in the exercise of your passion.” To Whitman, and also many other people the beautiful aspects in life are the things that never change, and that connect one generation to the next. So it brings us back to a very important question, what is more beautiful and worthwhile, settling in your predictable comfort zone, or entering into the mysterious path of the labyrinth.

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