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November 11th, 2010

Comfort Zone vs. The Labyrinth

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When I hear the word comfort zone, I immediately think of a place where I know everything will be the same when I go there. That’s exactly what a comfort zone is. A comfort zone is somewhere where you know there will be stability. This stability enables you to feel tranquility because you have that certainty about everything, there is no wondering about if something is going to change, because there is no change. The comfort zone seems like it’s an amazing place, but then why would people want to experiment with the Labyrinth?

Although the comfort zone provides you with reassurance because it’s so stable, this reassurance can become dull. The order within the respectable bourgeoisie becomes too predictable. This formality leads to fixed identities. Everyone has their fixed roles to play, and you can not step out of these roles. Everything is tamed, and so segregation is common among class, ethnicity, and gender. ┬áThis comfort zone is seen in rural and suburban areas, where it seems that these people are happy with their structured lives, but are they? If they were so happy with this way of living then why are many people are allured to the mysterious life of the labyrinth.

The labyrinth is completely different from the comfort zone. The Labyrinth is not a straight path, there is no end in sight, whereas with your comfort zone you know exactly where you will end up. The path you take seems to be nightmarish, and yet you dare to enter it. At the center of the labyrinth there is terror and anxieties. It’s full of mysteries and extremes, so why then would someone choose the labyrinth over their comfort zone?

It’s just a place that you’re drawn into. The labyrinth is the place of the “other”, and the change and instability of it is what makes it so attractive. This environment allows you to explore desires and impulses that in a comfort zone would be considered forbidden taboo topics. Bohemians lived in the labyrinth rather than in a comfort zone because they were captivated by this environment of change and mysteries. The uncertainty of the future made the labyrinth that much more alluring.

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